Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Find Strength in Pain…But, I will Hold on Hope


My sister made a beautiful DVD about the Adam Towler Memorial Race commemorating the death of my brother.  She used "The Cave," by Mumford and Sons as the first soundtrack.  It's really quite moving.  I wish I could share the original movie, but some of the other songs she used have copyright issues.

Lately, I have been listening to this song over and over again.  I shed a few tears and say prayers.  This song really reminds me of who I am and where I came from.  I know to look at me and talk to me you would not think it, but I feel I have suffered in ways that drive a man to write a song like this.

Today, I am thinking about this song and my friends Taylor and Anne who are waiting to adopt a precious baby girl. But, it's complicated and tied up in courts.  So we all wait and pray.  And this post is all to say, "I will hold on hope!" As I imagine we all do.  If you have a moment, say a prayer for them all.  Pray God's will be done.  Pray comfort for all in whatever decision is made.


kayleen said...

Sooo strange you posted this now. I was just telling Mike I really like the sound of this band. I want to buy a cd from them (and I hardly EVER buy cd's)The song is very moving and very unique sounding.

Arggghhh...why is there suffering? I see other people's trials and I can't help but wonder how I would hold up. I feel so weak that I don't think I could handle most things. Keeping eyes on God is the only way I see anything being okay.

anne said...

Love you too, Renee :) thanks for the prayers!