Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tricksie Little Hobbits

Annie has learned a couple new tricks.  Pretty much every time Annie sits down on a hard floor, she starts spinning around on her cute little hiney.  Sometimes she sings.

Annie also spends a majority of her days toddling around like this.  We are excited for her.  She looks ridiculous because her head is much bigger than the other kids and she can barely keep it balanced as she walks.

We had a bit of an unschool home school day.  I was not about having lessons today.  We just got creative.  These are all ideas from "The Preschoolers Busy Book."  Everyone played-Mommy, Alex, Kristiana and Annie.

This is the "Pirate Island" game.  One person is the pirate and everyone runs around crazy, from island to island (the pillows and blankets), running away from the pirate in order to not get tagged.  The carpet is the water.  Annie was a mermaid, since I knew she would not stay on the island.  We destroyed the living room for this game.  Score for the kids team.

100 5025

This game was followed by splashing.  The kids put on swim suits and got splashy with buckets of water in the backyard.  Then we did scribble pictures.  You make a scribble on a paper and then color in the spaces different colors.

100 5026

Then we read stories.  Alex helped me make pizza dough. And later I had Alex clean pennies with vinegar.  It was quite a day.  Some days just need to be unconventional.


anne said...

That is too adorable, and it sounds like a wonderful day!!! I can't wait till we can spend days like that on our farm w/ all our kiddies :) maybe we can have stones in the garden and play pirate there, too :)

Taylor says the idea of babies walking is like trying to balance a bowling ball on a t-ball stand and walk around w/ it. Your girls are so cute.. can't wait to see them again :)

Natural Homemaker said...

I bet the kids _loved_ that day. & Just adored the videos! Annie is a little bi-directional spinner ;)