Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toddling On A Mac

Oh boy, I have never been a Mac person before. But, on our anniversary date this year my husband and I found ourselves wondering into Best Buy. We played on the Macs for a little while and I asked him if he would get me an iPad 2. We have been toying with the idea ever since. Tonight he went out to buy me one, but when the salesman tried to sell him the Android instead of the iPad he took it as his sign to walk away from the tablets. He came home with the MacBook Pro. I was surprised. I really was not sure I wanted to go Mac. I was a little panicked when I discovered that I could not use Windows Live Write on it. But, I bought an app and here goes nothing--scratch that--everything. I am learning a whole new operating system and I feel like a child. I hope I can get up to speed quickly. Move my favorite files over quickly as well.  Say a prayer for me. I feel lost.

Step1 shelf macbookpro 13 022411

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