Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Number 1, Number 2 and Number 45

Kristiana has an announcement: "I go potty!"  She did it. She is a full time potty user now.  When we arrived home from our summer travels, I started putting Kristiana in training underwear. She wet them constantly for days and I kept taking her to the potty and explaining she needed try to put her business in the potty (in more graphic terms than appropriate to write about).

Then we discovered that there was a treat that she would do anything for, yogurt covered pretzels.  All I would have to do is say, "If you go sit on the potty and try I will give you one yogurt covered pretzel."  She acted like I was handing her hundred dollar bills.  After about five days she started repeating back to me,  "Don't wet un-ner wear. Go in potty."  She started to go to the potty and tell me it was time.  Every time she made herself go on demand I was amazed at her skill.  After months of taking her there and asking her to go and watching blank stares.  The simple skill of peeing on demand was, for me, an amazing thing to behold.

Then she started to hate the feeling of being wet.  It was from one day to the next that she mastered the number one part.  Then yesterday we managed an official number 2.   Now she is in big girl underwear.  I still cannot believe she did it.  She caught on and learned this skill we ease. Amazing.  Number 45 (or more) is how many times she has had success.

100 4999Congratulations sweet Kristiana. We are so proud of you.
(If you cannot tell from the picture, big brother is pretty proud of her too).

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