Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Fair

In the last week have been enjoying fall festivities:

The Bull: I love this bull's hump. He had the biggest one. (Heart of Texas Fair)

The Baylor Bear: Showing off his stuff.

Alexander Ride'em Cowboy

The Birds!
It's that time of year
when all the North American birds fill all the places to perch in all of Texas. They're going south.

Alexander's two  favorite things reading in his "jamas"

Pumpkin Princess: She couldn't get enough of the pumpkins

Alexander King of the Duck Races


Michelle M. said...

What cute photos!!

Anne said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Especially "Ayex" in his pajamas and K w the pumpkins (the one where she's facing the camera).

Glad you had fun at the fair!