Monday, October 5, 2009

Turning of the Leaves in Texas

A warm inviting table set for four--The leaves do not change in Texas, but these place mats are a wonderful compromise. I picked up these adorable leaves at Wally World for $2.00 each. Alexander made this table cloth all sticky (BTW, he loves the leaves). I was willing to let it go since he's 2 years old and destined to make it sticky again tomorrow. But, he told me so a couple of times, so I have already replaced it with a green table cloth, which I like better.

There is a pumpkin spice candle in the center and chicken salt and pepper shakers. I almost bought a cornucopia to put in the center and then decided I did not have a place to store it in the off season. I am enamored with this decoration. During harvest time we have so much to be thankful for.
Shameless self promotion: I just posted this picture, because the painting over the table is mine and I love it. I think is fits perfectly in our dining room. I wish I had time and space to paint.

And finally, this week's menu. It was arduous grocery shopping over the weekend, because it was raining. There is nothing too special on the menu this week. I used a Julia Child version of meat loaf recipe and made the meat loaf on Saturday, so all we have to do is heat it up. Next weekend my father-in-law will be here. If he permits, we may try some interesting French recipes.


Anne said...

I love your painting!! It does go so well in your dining room :)

and what a beautiful way to bring the fall colors indoors--chickens and all!

I need to post one of my menus, too...

Michelle M. said...

Wow- the painting looks like a photograph. Great job. I love the table. It looks beautiful. I need to "aumtumnize" my house :)