Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Java Jive

For my Gonzaga crones, I am sure some of you will remember this one.


I am in denial.  I should know that my coffee intake has reached unhealthy levels, when the first thing I drink after my morning jog is a cup of coffee instead of water; what I crave after eating a meal, morning, noon, or night, is a cup of coffee.  If I do not have coffee, I will have tea;  For a cheap lunch—latte.  Yeah, I should cut back.  I used to have one weak cup of office coffee a day.  Now that I am getting up so early and making breakfast, coffee et al, I drink one large cup of coffee at home, then one to two cups at work, and sometimes a cup in the afternoon if I am desperate for a pick me up.  Eek! Oh well, one self-improvement project at a time, and this one is not on the list yet, but it’s making its way there. 

For the past four days the waking up on the dot thing has been a roller coaster.  Kristiana has been actively (obnoxiously) alerting her parents of her needs in the night.  I have awakened every morning and prayed everyday but one.  Alas, I have not worked out every morning due to waking up later, and I put praying as the obvious priority above working out.

This morning, for the first time in almost a week, I woke up on the dot (meaning I didn’t hit the snooze three or four times).  The fact that I was able to jump out of bed and get going does make me feel like I conquered the day.  I prayed and went for a jog.  I haven’t been for a jog in a long while.  It’s been raining too hard.  I have been doing my workout video.  But I have to say, nothing PUNCTUATES that dot like a good jog.  I think I will repeat it.  It also helped that I did not have Kristiana in the jogging stroller.  I liked jogging with her when it was light at 6:00 a.m., but now that the stars are still out at 6:00 a.m. I get concerned for our safety.

Pray for my friend and her family as they struggle with a new evil in their lives.  It is an ugly world out there, but inside our hearts we can plant a beautiful, fruitful garden.

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Anne said...

Ah... coffee. They get us hooked in college on 'spendy espresso drinks and we're doomed the rest of our lives.

Unless you're like Taylor and become a coffee aficionado and insist on only the best quality coffee available. That works until he found some..

You should come over and use our futon and have some coffee with us :)

Good for you for waking up so early! I'm still struggling on getting up on the dot. I'm gonna have to take my temperature sitting up so I don't fall asleep :P