Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waking Up: The Heroic Moment

I did it. Last night I resolved to wake up on the dot, pray, exercise, make breakfast, have a family meal and start the day right.

This morning, the alarm sounded at 5:45 a.m. and I slipped out of bed as slowly and quietly as possible, so as not to wake my husband and baby. I don’t know if I achieved that as the cat came storming in mewing loudly to be fed. I grabbed my workout clothes and hastened to the kitchen where I fed the cat. I put the workout video in the DVD player so that it would cue up while I was praying. Then I grabbed our Orthodox Morning Prayer book and turned toward our Icon corner. As I began to pray I reminded myself, this moment is not about all the things I have to do this morning before I go to work, but about starting the day right with the Lord—so I should not rush these prayers. Mission accomplished in that area.

(St. Josemaria Escriva pray for us. Pray that I may continue to wake up on the “dot,” before the family has risen, so that I may begin the day right with the Lord.)

Afterward, I blasted forward into the day. I worked out; showered and dressed; cared for the children; made breakfast and prepared everyone to leave the house.

Shortly after my husband had left for work and I was heading out the door, I discovered that my husband had lovingly put my things in the car for me locked it and left. So, now all my things were locked in the car including my keys, cell phone and wallet—oops. On a borrowed phone, I had to call a locksmith and my work letting them know I would be late. Then I cooled my heels.

I always think I want things to slow down. This morning as my keys were locked in the car, I was given that gift. After I took a deep breath, Alexander took a long potty break—if you know what I mean—and he finished his breakfast. Then HE picked up all the train tracks, so we could have “rug time” (God bless preschool for teaching him “rug time”). We sat and read two whole stories with lots of words. He was so attentive and patient. It was awesome. It was nice to have an extra hour this morning with Alex and see how much he has learned and matured. Kristiana was pretty cute and loving too.


Anne said...

Oh I'm so glad!! You inspired me with your post last night and I woke up on the dot too! I didn't pray :( but I did exercise. And the whole day I kept thinking: "Oh, I have to exercise when I get home." Then I didn't have to :D

So tomorrow: prayer with T, THEN exercise, then breakfast

You're amazing, woman :) GO GO GO! And keep taking pics of your cute kids--I love them!

Michelle M. said...

Glad you were able to do it. I hope once our little man gets on some kind of schedule that I can start doing the same. I hope Monday will go better and no keys will be locked in cars.

have a great weekend.