Monday, April 25, 2011

Bright Week 2011

We spent four days traveling to and from church praying,  grieving, praising, opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit.  And then, “Christ is risen. Indeed he is risen. Alleluia! 

We had a lovely Easter celebration with friends and neighbors.  We had lots of delicious, cream filled, butter filled, sugar filled food.  We poured out the libations.  We hunted for Easter eggs.

Celebrating the Holy days would not be what they are without the feast.  Food cuts to the very core of our being.  Food is a part of our vitality.  I am proud to be the procurer of this feast—provided by God to celebrate His glory.  We are now nourished from within and without.  Here is our Easter basket. 

We could not carry all of our Easter dinner in our basket, so we made selections to put in the basket: Wine, salt, butter, Pascha bread, horseradish beets, polish sausage, cheese, boiled eggs, chocolate. We also always make a basket for our priest.


Of course, we included the Pascha bread…

pascha 2011

and lamb butter.



Check out my deviled eggs.  I thought putting red crosses on them was a pretty cool idea.


My girls had the same Easter dresses, but I forgot to take a pictures of them together, because Annie was soooo sleepy.  She came to the Easter vigil with us and stayed awake the whole time to 11:00 o’clock at night. 



The Egg Hunters


I spent Holy week cooking and cleaning as well.  I prepared all the food prior to Easter.  The house looked great too.  At the end of the celebration yesterday the house was destroyed, which means a fun time was had.  Today, we are just going to kick back a little and rest.

Christ is Risen. Happy Easter.


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priest's wife said...

Christ is risen!

It is so sweet of you to make a basket for your priest