Friday, April 1, 2011

A Reminder to Pray Without Ceasing–Pretzels

A favorite Lenten tradition of mine is making pretzels on fast days.  We are obliged to eat only one and half meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the Great Fast.  A pretzel, pictured below, takes the place of the half meal.  The shape is meant to evoke the image of arms folded across one’s chest in prayer, Byzantine-style.  The fast itself reminds us to pray, but the shape of the pretzel also reminds us to pray.

One thing I like about pretzels is that warm, fresh baked, bread is so comforting.  With the first bite of a fresh baked pretzel, a sigh of relief washes over the weary and fasting body and soul.  It is a reminder to rest in the Lord and wait for the joy and Light to come.  We come to a point each year in which we are so beleaguered with sin, that the purging of Great Fast is welcomed.  We begin our journey of great hope.


pray without ceasing


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anne said...

oh, you are such an inspiration to me. I've been terrible about lent so far this year :( maybe i should make some pretzels today...

kids are looking particularly cute, though :) miss you!