Friday, April 22, 2011

Icon Writing With Kids–By Death He Conquered Death…

…And to those in the graves He granted life.

I know it is early for Resurrection Icons, however, if we are preparing ourselves for Pascha, then we are preparing ourselves for the Resurrection.  After all, we are the Church of the Risen Lord.  Therefore, I am posting this so that requests may be made for the Resurrection Icon coloring page and you may prepare your home for the Risen Lord. (Post a comment if you would like the page. Does anyone know how to attach a PDF to a blog post?)  You can color the Icons and place them in your Easter basket to be blessed on Easter.

Description:  Christ’s clothing is to be white—representing His renewal of Eternal life.  Behind him is an ellipse representing Heaven.  Archangels Michael and Gabriel are above.  Christ is standing on the broken cross representing that He conquered death.  Below the cross is Hades.  This area should be colored black.  Christ is pulling Adam and Eve out of their graves.  He is granting life to those in the graves.  He pulls Adam out of the grave with such force his garments fly into the air.  Eve bows seeking forgiveness.  There are supposed to be a lot of others people in this icon, but I like to keep it simple for the kids.




I have been developing my small scale icon skills and have been creating coloring pages so that I can get Kristiana into helping write icons without ruining Alex’s work.

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