Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Monster Prayer

While Alex was still three, I adapted this little prayer to help with his new fear of monsters.  Now Kristiana, 2 years, is afraid of monsters.  I think it is a phobia acquired from her brother.  She does not like to go into dimly lit areas of the house by herself.  Her little eyes stretch as wide as they go and she says, “Mon-ters! Carey!”

I tell my kids, “Whenever you are afraid of a monster say, ‘Lord Jesus Christ, I love you. Protect me.”  It is short and to the point and any toddler can remember it.  The Lord has saved many “Carey” bedtimes and turned them into sweet dreams.  Next time you have monsters in your house, try The Monster Prayer.


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priest's wife said...

very nice- it reminds me of our super-fast restuarant prayer before meals- "Thank you God for this food, we love you. Amen"