Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess and “Lady” Clayton

A couple of weeks ago I adopted a dog from the humane society.  I went to the humane society just to have a look with the kids.  I met this little gal and fell in love.  I called Andrew to tell him that he should come meet this dog.  It was a bust day, so he said that he approved if I liked her.  So I brought her home, but had buyers remorse that night.  We didn’t know each other and she was expensive.  I kept her under wraps until I was sure that I wasn’t going to change my mind.  Her paperwork said she was a Catahoula leopard hound, which are very big dogs.  I think they were confused because of her spotted merle coat.  They also said she was 4 months old, which I did not agree with and I don’t know anything about dogs.  But, the vet said she had all her adult teeth, so she’s probably 7 months old.  Everything has worked out great.  She was spayed, groomed and saw the veterinarian. She is really smart and good with the kids. We think she is a mix between heeler and Australian shepherd.  Half the time her ears stick up like a heeler.  I learned that she is what they call a Texas Heeler :-) ( Her given name was “Lady.”  Alex liked the name.  He didn’t want to call her anything else. 

So please meet Lady Clayton



And here is a video for the grandparents of our littlest princess Annie jumping and laughing in her excer-saucer.

Speaking of princesses, Kristiana woke up early this morning and Andrew turned on the TV for her thinking he would go back to bed.  Of course the royal wedding was on TV.  Shortly thereafter, I got up to be with Kristiana.  We had a little Mommy-daughter bonding watching some clips of the wedding all by ourselves.  I told her that Kate Middleton was a real princess, to which she replied.

“Ooooh, I am a princess.”

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