Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Habits Post #1

So, I am on a new health kick, I guess.  I think I always am, but for the moment I am a little more serious about it.  I have a specific reason for my seriousness.  Recently, I have notice that our two year old is reactive to food dyes.  Actually all my kids are, but this is the first time that one of them has had directly observable reactions, as in if she gets a food with lots of dye she will have a fit.  But it's more than a fit.  It's an irrational, rage that cannot be control for anything.  My husband did not believe me at first, so he gave her an orange soda.  Sure enough, the outrageous fit started in less than a couple hours.  It's not just normal two year old behavior.  It's more than that.  She has other symptoms of being reactive to food dyes.  She has almost every symptom except eczema.  I looked up information on it and there is a diet program that will help her, but I cannot afford the materials right now.  So for the time being we're going as dye-free, preservative free as possible.  Apparently we are suppose to avoid apples, strawberries and grapes too (temporarily).  Anyhow, going dye-free and preservative free forces us to eat healthier anyway. ;-)

…I love practical, yet uncommon health advice, as opposed to fad diets, or ultra-restrictive diets.  I came upon some interesting health related articles recently and I thought I would share a tip.  Whenever, I come upon good practical tips I will share them, so we can all be healthy.

This week's great health tip is "In Plain Sight."  I read in a magazine article that suggested putting water in a clear glass pitcher.  Put it on the table at dinner.  Store it in the refrigerator so that whenever anyone looks in the fridge they see it.  Apparently, easy access and on the mind will lead to drinking more water.  I decided to try this one.  I have glass pitcher I received as a wedding gift that I rarely use.  I decided to take it out and fill it.  But, seeing as how I have so many gallons of milk in my refrigerator, I just left the pitcher on the counter, in a safe place, with a glass next to it.  Low and behold, the kids and I have been drinking more water.  Amen to that tip.


The article also suggested making water more fun and therefore more appealing.  So put fruit in it, lemon, lime, blueberries, cucumber, cranberry, grapes.  I tried this one too.  Everyone enjoyed the fruity flavor.  After the fruity fun, I put the pitcher in the fridge.  Later, when I poured myself a glass from the fruity pitcher, I discovered that the peel from the lemon and lime slices made the water bitter.  So, FYI you cannot leave citrous fruit in the water and save it for later.



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