Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When The Babes Are Sick

Extra time to pray less abbreviated prayers this morning.  Let's do it. (Of course, there were at least three interruptions. Oh well, it got done.)


"Kristiana, don't eat your boogers.  Boogers are your body's garbage."

"But, they're so green and yummy.  My belly likes boogers."


"What are you kids doing in the bathroom with the water running?"


"Oh, e-VER-y-thing is wet and bubbly!  Well, let's clean it up and not do this again, mmm-kay?"

At least they're all squeaky clean now.


"Mommy, I made it to the toilet in time!" :-) 

"Oh, good.  Turn on the fan will you?"


No, gym time? No problem.  Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred--my old friend…Oh wait, now I remember why I wanted a gym membership.  The dog crawled underneath me while I tried to do pushups.   [Pause the video put the dog out. Restart the video.  Cue screaming baby.] "Waaaaaah, pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up! I'm suddenly very hungry!"  

"Ha, ha, baby.  I am much more immune to baby cries than I was four years ago.  You can wait and watch mommy jump squat."

[Wild toddler screaming from the next room.  Pause video.  Break up the fighting.  Put two year old on the toilet for a potty break.  Change slightly soiled underwear.  Wipe up projectile piddle pool. Restart video.]

Pushup, plank, lunge, jump, sit-up. Done and sweaty.


Second coffee, homemade granola bar and blogging? Yes, please.


Put on kids' music.  "Ew, the armoire is extremely dusty! Well, I guess I have some extra time today."


No home school?  Can't go anywhere.  This mommy is a little bored. 

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priest's wife said...

funny kiddos-

extra time? Time to write an icon!