Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healthy Habits Post #2

Over the summer I visited a family with many kids.  One of the mom's budget saving tips was to eliminate fruit juice.  Her kids were only allowed water or milk.  If they wanted fruit, they had to eat whole fruit.  As soon as we returned home we implemented this practice.  We cut out fruit juice and flavoring in the kids milk.  Of course there was some dissension at first, but after the first month they stopped asking and complaining and now they eat whole fruit daily.  They also drink plain milk regularly. 

Fruit juice is full of sugar and sometimes dyes.  It is obviously better to eat whole fruit or home juiced juices.  On a related note, we cut out fruit snack a couple years ago.  They kids started asking for fruit snacks and sugary cereal ALL the time.  That's all they wanted.  I just told them we could not have them anymore.  If we cannot do it reasonably in moderation and it is causing stress, we just will not have it at all.

So, eat fruit.  It's good for you.  Mix it up and try the seasonal fruits.  Puree fruits with vegetables in a food processor.  That's the only way our son will eat vegetables--if he can't see or taste it.  I was letting him eat strawberry applesauce cups from the store for his fruit intake, but I just notice the strawberry applesauce has Red 40 in it.  I also found out that apples, strawberries and grape contribute to bed wetting.  I know, the things you find out about food are crazy, but I try not to let it make me crazy. ;-)

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priest's wife said...

another idea (probably for older kids) that my sis-in-law does- the kids have to drink some water before they get milk. Maybe they are just thirsty, not thirsty-hungry