Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Thought I was Tired

We were out a little bit late last night and Annie does not nap anymore either, so I am sure she was a tired little lady today.  At church today, she gave us a run for our money.  She was running between our pew and the cry room.  She could not be told, no, or to sit still.  Eventually, my husband ended up taking her to the car simple because she was being too disruptive.  It was one of those days in which we wondered why we bothered to go.  A few years back, we would have been near tears wondering what we had done wrong.  Four kids later, we know that it is a phase and we will eventually be able to teach her to behave.

The rest of the day she has been her normal self.  But, late in the afternoon as she was attempting to climb onto the sofa to cuddle up to me while I nursed Lucy, she paused and fell asleep on the spot.  Her little toe remained perched on the footstool she was using as a help up.  She remained hanging from the sofa for another ten minutes as I gawked, and told my husband to come take a look, and took pictures to show everyone.  I've had kids drop in mid-play, but never mid-air.  Oh, two-year-olds.



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