Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home School Journal: Playing Pretend

During Christmas break I tried to research out fun home school ideas on the internet.  I expected to be over-whelmed, which is why I do not do this too often.  I also feel like if I get too caught up in what others are doing, I might become stressed about what we are doing.  I clicked on one page and found a plethora of articles.  That was enough for this semester.  Maybe during the summer I will look for more.  One of the articles I read talked about taking pictures of things each child does each week and then make a yearly photo book.  It will be like a yearbook, or scrapbook.  I am going forward with this idea.  If I want my kids to have fond memories of their education, I am going to have the photos to back it up.  Here are some photos from the first three days of home school this week:

I often plan a week's worth of P.E. sessions.  I let Alex switch it up if he wants.  Today, his choice was to run samurai sword laps.  He ran at top speed for five minutes.  He was quite winded at the end.  It was hilarious.  He just loves to get up and move.  We also practiced dribbling a basketball today.  He's so fun.




 Kristiana has begun a protest on preschool work.  All she wants to do is color.  So I let her color or play.  This day, I asked her to count and add pattern blocks, but she wanted to "cook" and prepare tea instead.  She made quite an elaborate set up and was quite serious about it.  Serious play mean serious learning, right? 


Alex is a class clown.  Class of one. 


Cutie first grader.


Working hard on the meal.



This day we decided not to do P.E. and built a wooden airplane after reading about how planes obtain lift.

100 7391

After school one day, Alex drew this picture for me.  It's a giant chasing a dragon, who is breathing fire on a knight who is saving a queen.  Just look at the picture, you'll see it.

100 7396

One of Alex's favorite parts of the day--hugs and kisses.  He's such a loving boy.  


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