Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Veni, Emanuel

I wish we could say that we were more interesting, but we're not.  We're just an average American family, doing the things average American families do.  

We're preparing for Christmas.  I was not sure how we were going to pull of Christmas this year, but I think it will be as good as any Christmas that we have had before.  I think our family is particularly good at leisure. ;-)

I only let the kids put ornaments on our Jesse Tree every three days so they can each put one on and no one fights who's turn it is. 

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I decided I wanted to make our Christmas season a little bit magical.  As in, I am planning on some low budget Christmas activities during the Christmas season.  I decided these can be done prior to Christmas or during Christmas.  The kids are not sensitive to timing at this age.  I am trying to line up twelve activities, but if I don't come up with twelve or some of these ideas fail I am not going to sweat it.  It will either happen or it won't.  If you have an idea, please feel free to comment.  Here's my list so far, Claytonopolis 12 Days of Christmas:

1. Drive around neighborhoods seeing Christmas lights
2. Hot Chocolate night and Marshmallows – Go outside, sit down, pile on blankets, and look for the biggest star
3. Popcorn and Movie Night (Nativity Story)
4. Make Christmas cookies
5. Make a popsicle stick ornament
6. Learn traditional Christmas Carols around the piano
7. Put together 500 piece nativity puzzle
8. Game night
9. Collect toy donations in the neighborhood 

I've been trying to prepare myself for Christmas as well.  I did a little St. Nicholas reading.  He inspired me to be holier.  Now I have to actually try to achieve my inspiration.  I can not say exactly what I found so inspiring about St. Nicholas' story except for his seemingly profound connection with the Almighty.  I get the sense that in years gone by people were a lot more willing to accept that which is mystical (e.g., miracles and visions), but it need not be something that those in our modern times have lost.  Think hard about times in your life when something seemed mystical.  You have a choice to shrug it off as a coincidence, or you may choose to see a Divine hand at play.  I can think back to many a time in which I saw something mystical.  I try to hold those moments in my heart always, because these are my glimpses at the Divine.  They are too few and far between and I now that I am at fault for not having a greater connection with God. 

In other news, I now have a new camera bought today.  So hopefully I will have blog posts with better pictures in the future.  Part of not posting recently was because my camera was totally kaput.  I have been taking pictures with my phone as you see in this blog.  I only discovered today my phone has different photo taking settings.  That would have been nice to know around the kids' birthdays.  It does not have a flash though.  Oh well.  I am grateful to have a new camera.  

First piggy tails - She's getting big.  But, still my baby.

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Learning Cursive

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Mno hya lyta!

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