Friday, December 20, 2013

She Takes After Her Mother

I know this photo strip is not terribly interesting to most.  However, each night as we eat dinner I take great delight in watching our one year old gobble up her dinner.  The other children eat maybe one in four dinners I cook.  But, Lucy eats and eats and eats.  She begins the meal eating with her utensils.  Alas, she discovers that she can eat more if she eats by the fistfuls.  She enjoys it.  She asks for more.  She laughs and laughs, and is always the last one sitting at the table long after the other children have excused themselves and scampered away.  When the dishes are cleared and the surfaces wiped, she finally decides she's had enough.  Then she is wiped down by a loving parent and whisked to the bath for a playful soak.

I personally take delight in Lucy's eating, because it is a relief to see a child with hearty eating habits and a grateful heart.  I secondly take delight because she is much like myself as a child in eating habits.  Food is good and tasty.  While there are seconds, thirds and fourths to be had, nothing should go wasted, nothing should be leftover.  I often profess that I am a bottomless pit.  I almost always can eat more.  Some would say this is unhealthy.  Perhaps.  Moderation is good--a learned habit.  On the other hand, one could say it is a healthy appreciation of God given gifts.  All Glory to God.

I have a very early memory (a high chair memory) of loving tomato soup and asking for bowl-full after bowl-full.  I get it, Lucy.  Eat away.  Lucy asked for four bowls tonight and slurped it down straight from the bowl.  However, she did begin eating each bowl with her spoon. :-)





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