Monday, December 30, 2013

What Do You Do With A Wedding Dress?

Wedding dresses are the most impractical thing.  They cost a fortune and you only wear them once.  No, I am not going to make into a pillow or a memento out of it.  The other day my mom told me she was going to toss her wedding dress after holding onto it and protecting it all these years.  I told her to send it to me.  Maybe I could do something with it.  Now that I have it, I look at it and think that it was a mistake to want it.  Mainly, I don't have use for it.  

I saw that dress hang in my mom's closet and listened to her revere it for years.  It was a symbol of the the sacrament.  When it arrived at my house, I hung the revered dress in my closet.  I made peace with the dress.  Now I too am ready to toss it out.   I think maybe it was like a funeral for the dress. 

…that is unless I can come up with some fantastic idea of how to re-use it. 

Oh so, seventies!

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My own wedding dress is in a storage container in my closet.  I love it dearly too.  When I selected it, I looked for something timeless.  I hope one day my daughters are interested in wearing it.  I have a friend who wore her mother's dress.  It is a sweet notion to think that the dress might be passed to someone else like a legacy.  On the other hand, there is something special about selecting one's own dress.  

I will hold onto mine for years like my mother did.  I do not know when my love affair with my wedding dress will end.  Every time I drag it out my heart stops a little just like it did the first time I wore it.  I love every inch of it.  It has stephanotis flower (greek wedding crown flowers) embellishments with beads and crystals and sequins sewn in the centers. Aaah, sigh.

My dress came out today as we cleaned and reorganized our closet.


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Kayleena said...

What a pretty lady! I really love that 70's wedding dress for some reason. I think it's the sleeves. I wish wedding sleeves were still in.

About my dress, I didn't love every inch of it. I bought it kind of impulsively (I can be pretty impulsive sometimes, even with big decisions like wedding dress buying)What I love is that Mike says how he thought I looked so good in it. I can tell he genuinely liked my dress because I can always tell when he's just telling me something to make me happy :) In the case of our wedding day, he definitely liked my choice(s) I think yours is lovely. I remember when we first became facebook friends and I saw your wedding pics I thought you looked gorge.