Monday, December 9, 2013


It's hard to believe it was a year ago our family sat and watched Kristiana frozen for a whole hour at her first dance recital.  Well, guess what?!  She thawed out tonight.  She danced every move and it was adorable.

This was my favorite song of the evening.  The girls spelled out Jesus with their arms.  Kristiana's arms are supposed to be making a "J," but she's just turned five and perfect letter formation with her arms is not on her radar yet.



See how Kristiana is the only little girl in this line who has her arms outstretched.  That's because all the other girls in this picture are FROZEN.  Kristiana just happened to squeeze in between the three little girls in her group that froze.  I really had empathy for their families.  On the other hand, I was so proud of our little girl.


In other ballet news, I have found an adult ballet class and come January I am going to go play ballerina.  I have a friend who is going to teach a short five week ballet class.  Then my husband and I ran into a colleague and his wife.  She teaches ballet too and she said her studio has adult ballet classes in which I could buy a punch card for a reasonable price.  So that is a possibility if I must have more ballet in my life.  I think my learning ballet may be a good thing, because it is something the girls and I can do together at home during the day. 

Mno hya lyta!

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