Friday, November 27, 2009

“Ayex is Fwee”

Alexander on his third birthday: he is very good at coloring.  He has very good manual dexterity. Alex is potty trained, but not at night. He said his daddy is his best friend. He get’s jealous when his sister gets attention, especially from mom.  His favorite foods are all sweet—doughnut, cake, ice cream, french toast with syrup. He can sort of say the alphabet (he says “l’s” as “y’s”; he can count to 20; count to five in Spanish. He loves the park. He likes tools and helping with grownup activities. He is not a baby anymore. Lately, I have been surprised at how mature some of the things says. The Jesus Prayer is the only one Alex will say.  He thinks our priest, Father Timothy, is Jesus. 

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Anne said...

that's too cute. Glad he had a great birthday!

Miss you guys :)

Michelle M. said...

Happy Birthday!

That is a really sweet post. I think my son still thinks our priest is Jesus :)