Saturday, November 14, 2009

Number One Biggest Best Birthday Present Ever

This is my super cool new birthday present. It is a HP dv4 pavilion
laptop. No sooner did we setup this laptop did our other laptop that
was gifted to us died a blue screen, error, message death. It's still
sort of working, but it is very unstable. It happens whenever we
leave it on standby too long.

This computer is a gift from my husband for my birthday and Christmas.
Granted, I am getting it a little bit early. Who could wait to enjoy
a new laptop for two whole weeks? I couldn't. Especially after I have
been drooling over the idea of a new laptop just for me for months.
Of course, Andrew has been using the new computer more than I. I am
glad he is enjoying it too. I do not have to feel guilty that this is
for me if he enjoys it too. He is my other half after all.

This gift will be very useful to help me manage our household and
finances. It's also for picture editing, blogging and general goofing
around. Andrew showed me free html software that I can use on my
blog, so I will not have trouble with the font changing on me

I don't think I need anymore gifts for my birthday ever, unless someday
I need another computer. Fifteen years ago, I never thought I would
love computers so much.

Here are some pictures taken with the webcam.


Anne said...

snazzy! I just love the webcam pictures. Do keep those coming!

Does Alexander have a new haircut? :) so cute!!

Michelle M. said...

Wow! that is great!

Can you share the free html software? I'd love some help in that area. Thanks!