Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is the first year that Alex has helped put the tree together.  He learned a lot of new things while we put it together. 

  • We celebrated Alex’s birthday with a birthday cake, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a decorated tree.
  • The branches are pokey.
  • Even though the ornament looks like a cookie, don’t eat it.
  • Round ones break easily.
  • He learned how to hang an ornament with a hook.
  • Don’t play behind the tree.
  • Alex has an ornament with a three on it.



Anne said...

ahhahah!! I love it! "the branches are pokey" hehe!

Hopefully you didn't lose any too-valuable or sentimental ornaments :) Will this be a tradition--decorating the tree after Alexander's birthday?

Love to you guys :) miss you bunches!

Michelle M. said...

Cute! My little girl was licking the ice cream cone ornament that Punky picked out last year. Then she was trying to pick off the sprinkles :)