Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grammy Saves the Day

As I cooked dinner tonight Kristiana found a penny on the floor. It wasn’t mine! In any case, Kristiana ate it and began choking.  I was not exactly sure why she was coughing so much and I suspected she was choking. Grammy walked in the room grabbed the baby dumped her upside down and gave her the pediatric Heimlich.  The penny was immediately expelled.  It was quite traumatic for Kristiana. 

This was not the first time my mom has saved a toddler.  She saved me from choking on bacon when I was three and saved my brother when he choked on a hotdog as a baby.

Kristiana and her Savior



Anne said...

Praise the Lord everything was alright! Way to go Grammy :)

Kayleen said...

Oh my gosh! So scary...thank that guardian angel of hers (both earthly and heavenly :)

Michelle M. said...

How scary! Yeah for Grammy!