Sunday, November 1, 2009

For All The Saints - Pray for Us!

This is the St. Patrick costume I made for Alexander, and even though  he was really excited about it he still would not wear it.
He has been very particular about his clothes lately.
He will not even wear long pants or a jacket when its cold.

 Andrew wore the costume so my feelings wouldn't be hurt.

This is Saint Therese the Little Flower (literally the little flower)

Saint Juan Diego and Saint Francis

Saint Patrick - Part II

Don't Remember the Saint

Saint George

 Saint Nicholas having a swing
I like the little halo on the Saint pushing the swing.

There were others, but I missed them.


Anne said...

aw, what a sweet little costume! Well done, Renee! Too bad the little guy dinna wear it, but what a good sport Andrew was :)

K looks darling, too! So glad you guys had a good All Hallow's Eve! :)

Michelle M. said...

How adorable! Love the photos :)

Our big boy went as a king, but he insisted it was "king David" his patron saint :) I can't complain about that.