Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fuzzy Reflections

I sit here reflecting, sipping on a “White Mexican.” I had my first “White Russian” on Friday when we celebrated my husband’s 27th birthday.  At this moment I am enjoying libation leftovers, and decided I did not so much enjoy the Russian part of the White Russian, and I learned that Kahlua is from Mexico. Therefore, I am enjoying a White Mexican—sounds racist.

Kristiana has a cold, so she is not sleeping well and letting us know her discomfort, loudly throughout the night.  Last night she woke us up at 3:30 a.m.  She did not go back to sleep until after church at 12:30 p.m. At that point I had to take Alexander to a birthday party. Alex was precious with his friends.  He had lots of fun and birthday cake! He talked about the cake all day. When they opened presents, he stole the gifts trying to claim them for his own.  So I chose to make a quick exit with a sobbing Alex. Of course, we took a piece of cake along with us when we left.

Today was a really good day for Alex.  He woke up early at 6:30 a.m. He ate a big breakfast and played very well by himself.  A little while later I asked Andrew to relieve me while I caught a little shut eye.  Alex painted.  We did not clean up his paints and throughout the day he would periodically paint.  Alex behaved well at church with the incentive that he could only go to the birthday party if he behaved.

100_1561 This weekend I covered our dining chair seats with new fabric.  I had to take the chairs apart to do this. Alex decided he was a handy man.  Surprise, he is very good at it.  He unscrewed and screwed back in the screws all by himself—not bad for scarcely three. We will encourage this newly discovered affinity.

I kept meaning to post all week.  I couldn’t find ways to make what I had to say pertinent.  So, I decided it was best not to say anything at all.  I went to my Mom’s Group Bible study meeting on Thursday night. It was the last section of our book and it was the most difficult for all of the women in my small group. I really wanted to post about suffering, but my mind could not form a coherent thought. None of my thoughts made sense enough to post. I may still post on this topic when my mind straightens out.

It was a fuzzy, roller coaster of a week, but it all ended in on a high note.  Tomorrow, my parents come for Thanksgiving.  My husband taught me true adoration of this holiday like I never had before I met him. I hope this week is punctuated with more high notes than not.  You never can tell what life is going to hand you. You’re faith is all you have—a gift from God—given by grace.

P.S. I have wanted to get a video of Kristiana walking for few weeks now, but I haven’t been able to get it. Here is a dingy version. When I can capture this in the light, I will post it.  Toddling is one of those warm, fuzzy moments.

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Anne said...

I'm sorry to hear K has a cold :( poor little girl--hope she feels better soon!

You absolutely have to take pictures of Alexander's paintings :) I'll bet he takes after his Mommy in painting skills.

Looking forward to your post on suffering--you always have such clear insights.

And finally, HEAVENS K is so cute walking! I can't wait to see the non-dingy version. Definitely a warm fuzzy moment.. what a sweetie :)