Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Almost Blogs

  1. My four year old woke up this morning and made up a song called, "Man, Jesus, Dino."  #specialmoment
  2. She followed that little diddy up with, "Mom, one day I am going to fart like you." #likemotherlikedaughter
  3. She can't wait to grow up and have all the grownup lady parts and have a baby of her own as she tells me frequently. #notsofast
  4. I waited all week, used everything in my pantry, made a menu plan and grocery list. Finally the day came, I showered put on make-up (gasp!) and dressed myself and my girls nicely.  Then I went to the grand opening of a grocery store, which is a lot closer to home.  It was crowded, but I got everything I needed. #shoppinginstyle
  5. My husband bought me a new washing machine. This is how he shows his love among other things.  He must love me a lot considering all the stuff he does.  #mendostuff=love
  6. It may seem a small thing, but I think it is huge.  After weeks of having many outbursts about the children's behavior, I felt very discouraged.  All I could see was that my house was a wreck, I feel totally mad, I'm broke and everyone is at each other's throats.  Things always seem darker in the heat of the moment.  That night I said, "Tomorrow will be different.  I can do this."   I prayed for God's grace.  The next day was different.  We changed our routine a little.  The day went very smoothly.  It was miraculous. #Godanswersprayers
  7. These were little snippets from blog entries I have started and never finished.  I start all sorts of wonderful blogs in my head and then never get a chance to write them down.  Then they escape me completely.  I need to start jotting blog notes again.  Hopefully, I can get this blog going again.  But, who knows.  Those baskets of laundry don't fold themselves.  #becausesomedaywewillwanttoremember

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