Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birthday Present - Meow

Annie received a toy kitty for her birthday last year.  This year she received a real kitty.  I had no plans to get a kitty.  But, whilst looking for a missing child, I ran into my neighbor who said I should come see her kittens. "No thanks," I thought.  Our home has no place for a cat, as much as everyone would like to have one.  But, since seeing kittens is always fun, I foolishly sauntered to her backyard holding the hand of my missing child.  We saw the kittens.  They were cute, but nothing special.  Then she said that the kittens had lived outside ever since they were born and she thinks they have been catching mice.  

An outdoor kitty piqued my interest, because even though we have no room for a cat, my husband really wanted a cat.  He finds them very relaxing.  Our dog needs an animal companion as well.  Annie definitely took a liking to my in-laws cats over the summer.  She was scratched countless times and still went back for more kitty petting.  So darn' it, I picked my favorite kitten and brought him home for my husband to see.  

The neighbor said that there is no pressure.  If it didn't work out, we could just bring him back.  Of course, the kids are in love and they named him, Titan.  Everyone said it was Annie's kitty for her birthday.  Daddy said he was Daddy's kitty.  Mommy doesn't mind as long as we all understand that the kitty needs to live outside most of the time.  We cannot have a litter box, because there is no place for one.  Now we have a cat.  We're doing our part for God's creatures, right?

For the rest of Annie's birthday, I had hoped to have another family over for a little party.  But, Annie ended up coming shopping with me this morning and she picked out a small cake and presents.  Then of course being three, she picked up the cake and hugged it.  It was ruined.  I helped her fix it later.  As soon as we were home she wanted to eat it.  So we decorated it and began celebrating.  It was a good little celebration.  Good thing she is still young and the third child.  She doesn't expect much.  ;-) May it always be that way.  Life is better when it's the little things that make you happy.

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