Monday, September 23, 2013

Close Call

Our new kitten went missing today.  We were starting to think he was gone for good.  Annie left our backyard gate open this afternoon.  I only discovered it when we were heading to ballet and I asked the kids where the kitten was.  They did not know, but they had thought he was in the backyard.  As I went into the yard I found the gate open.  I walked around the house and found my daughters pulling their bikes into the street instead of getting buckled in the car. Alas, no kitten.  I buckled everyone into their seats, locked up the house and texted the neighbor to keep an eye out for the kitten.  

A couple hours later, we returned and no one had seen him.  My husband had looked for him when he came home from work.  Of course Kristiana chimed in that we would have to go back and get another kitten.  I sneered that they did not show responsibility with this one.  Honestly, all weekend long they have been dragging the poor kitten this way and that. 

Happily, shortly before bedtime we heard a mew.  My husband found him sleeping in the office, hidden away.  Lucky kitty snuck a peaceful nap away from his tormentors.  He seemed to be in much better spirits for snuggling with Annie after the long nap.

We're not sure about this whole kitten thing.  We hope Annie learns to treat her kitten right.  Annie sat on the cat a couple times.  He is all she thinks about right now.  She dragged him into Lucy's crib this morning.  I am not sure if she scared him, but he peed in Lucy's bed.  Then no one bothered to tell mommy until I was trying to put Lucy for a nap.  

Was it a good idea to get a three year old a cat?  No, definitely not.  We're not going to take it back though unless something really goes wrong.  Here's hoping it all works out.  He is a really nice cat.

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On a side note, Annie still looks like a sweet peaceful baby when she sleeps.  Here she is taking a Sunday afternoon nap.

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Mno Hiya Lita

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Kayleena said...

I am NOT a cat person AT ALL. So you won't get any sympathy from me!! ;)