Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homeschool 2013

We've started our home school year.  Actually we're four weeks into the school year.  Alex and Annie have been star pupils.  Kristiana has been a challenge.  I have struggled with silliness.  I have struggled with disobedience.  I have seen lots of Annie made floods.  (She has been liking to wash her hands a lot and holding tea parties on the home school table.)  It's not a bad start, but it's not picture perfect.  Today, I decided to work with Alex alone and then work with Kristiana.  This tactic worked well for Kristiana and Alex, but it left Annie to her own devices, which never works out well for mommy.  One of these days I will get it all right and I will wonder why I ever fretted.  Here's praying for those days. 

My Students:

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