Friday, September 27, 2013

I bet you are wondering how the next day of homeschool went.  Well, I did not allow T.V. until the end of the day and everything went as planned.

On another note, I now need to go on more errands with the children so they can practice good behavior in public.  They are always running off to play or look at things.  They are either going to do something bad, get hurt or kidnapped.  It's just childish play and curiosity, but it's really bad manners.  It does not seem to matter how I discipline, they are always losing their heads and behaving badly.  So my answer is that they need more practice until they get it right. ;-) Wish me luck on more frequent outings with little ones.

Now, I am going to have some chocolate cocktails with some girlfriends.  We get together every once in a while; loosen up with a drink or two and then speak our minds. ;-)  It sure is nice to have good friends.

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Mno Hiya Lita!

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priest's wife said...

practice makes (almost) perfect! :)