Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Can't Do Anything Right Either

"We're all still learning."  That's what I told a little girl at our home school co-op this week.  She was upset and crying, because her poster, "The Classifications of a Lion and a Dog," was not right and not getting done and time was up.  She was very angry with herself because she could not do anything right.  I really did not want to her to feel badly, because there would be time on another day to work on it.  There was nothing wrong with her poster.  She just needed more time.  I know that feeling that I couldn't do anything right.  Honestly, if I think about, there is not much I do perfectly on a daily basis.  Truly, I cannot do anything right either.  But, the important thing is to not give up and to not defeat oneself.  

I have never been good at anything at the start.  I have never been what folks call, "a natural," at anything.  Some may claim that I was a natural at art.  But, it's not true.  I can be quite terrible at it.  I simply have patience to make things beautiful.  However, I know I lack the craftsmanship abilities to be great at it. I digress.  I have always had to work at anything I have achieved.  When I feel that defeat at the beginning of something new, I always say to myself, "I will not give up.  I will be good at this."  Then I work at it until I feel at least at par. 

Tomorrow is another day.  I will be better tomorrow.  All will be better tomorrow.  I will make tomorrow better.  It is never too late to start anew tomorrow.  It is one of the graces God gives us, so long as we are willing.  Better yet, I will choose to be better now.

Aside, I have been trying to take pictures of the kids in their cute little uniforms they wear to co-op each week.  The first week they all looked so precious.  Even Lucy had a uniform.  I thought I had taken a couple sweet pictures.  However, when I returned home and looked for the pictures on my camera, there weren't any.  I do not know what happened.  It's time for a new camera, I think.  The second week, the batteries were dead.  It's definitely time for a new camera.  The third week, I managed to take a couple pictures.  But, it's not all the kids and I don't know where Lucy's uniform went.  Oi vey.  Here's a taste of co-op cuteness.

"We like our school."

100 8107

100 8100

Mno Hiya Lita

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