Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ten Minute Blog

I have just given myself ten minutes to write a blog in ten minutes.  This is an attempt to keep this blog alive and rolling and prove to myself that I do have the time and mental fortitude to continue chronicling our lives. 

I had a triumph today.  But first some background.  Annie broke her collar bone over the summer.  We had to get a second opinion because the first guy said nothing was wrong.  But, her shoulder was hanging lower than normal.  Not knowing whether this was permanent condition, and after getting advice from a nurse, we went to see a second doctor.  The second doctor confirmed the break immediately.  I sought the advice of the insurance company before going to see the doctor, but I was misinformed/misunderstood and the insurance did not cover the visit.  After speaking to a lot of nice people and writing a letter of appeal, I received a letter in the mail saying that the insurance company would cover the expenses.  It was such a relief.  We do not have to come up with an additional $275.  Now if all insurance issues were resolved so easily and quickly.  

Next up I have a letter into the hospital that misdiagnosed her.  Her records are under review.  I understand things are missed sometimes.  But, I do not think a proper exam, or x-ray was performed.  So perhaps we will get a small break on that bill as well. 

Over the weekend I made time to work on an icon.  It is a little under half done.  But hopefully, I will resurrect icon writing as well as blogging amidst homeschooling, co-op teaching, Tupperware selling, cooking, cleaning, and my regular exercise routine.  

100 8086

Finally, Andrew discovered this wonderful whiskey.  I am not usually one for whiskey, but I could drink this one all day long.  It is so good!  Andrew often fixes and builds computers.  Over the weekend he worked on some computers and received our favorite whiskey as payment.  I like this plan.  He needs to hang out his shingle and start taking expensive booze as payment. ;-) 

100 8089

That's all for now.  This blog actually took 30 minutes, including picture taking.  I'm back in the game.  Mno hya lyta! (May God grant you many years)


priest's wife said...

what a beautiful icon! I'm hoping to get a workshop going over here- taught by an 85 year old or so grandmother! (she wrote our 4 life-sized icons at church)

Kayleena said...

What's the whiskey like? I tend to like whiskey's as long as they're not too sweet. I like it to go down smooth and with no sweet aftertaste. So, consequently I don't really like Tillamore Dew, but it's my husband's favorite. I prefer Crown Royal.