Friday, February 24, 2012

Annie Loves Babies

I tidied the playroom. It's amazing how much playing occurs in the playroom after everything is tidied up.  I wrapped this baby in Annie's favorite blanket while cleaning the playroom.  Annie discovered the baby later and started rocking the baby.  She let out big sighs as she hugged the baby and occasionally hummed to the baby.  She rocked the baby for a few minutes and then I ran to get the camera after I relished the moment.  So this is the moment after the moment.  I think it is amazing how nurturing Annie is.  Our other daughter hated dolls initially and is not naturally nurturing.  Although, Kristiana is a sensitive and caring little girl.


priest's wife said...

what a sweetie!

kayleen said...

So sweet. Josie does the same thing with dolls, and much more than Lou did as a baby. Louisa never played with dolls or stuffed animals, but Josie loves to. Now Lou has a few select animals she likes, and will carry around a doll, and says "mommy, my dolly is going to listen to me in the parking lot!" so she must just like the idea of being the boss :)

Oh, and I hate it when I capture 'the moment after the moment' It happens to me all the time. Oh well, at least it helps you remember the moment in a way!