Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Relish the Little Children

Sisters - I love when the kids all get along and show their love for each other.  They really do care about each other and enjoy each other.  But obviously, as I have posted before they pick at each other too, which is so sad (  I just pray that as they mature, they learn to be friends before adulthood.

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My Little Afternoon Helper - For whatever reason, Alex has decided to do this chore in the afternoon.  Every afternoon before I make dinner, I wash up all the kid cups and put any other dishes in the dishwasher.  Alex has watched me do this and say to him, "Not right now, Honey, Mommy's got to wash these dishes and tidy up."  So one day he told me he would do this "chore."  He makes a watery mess and has a lot of fun.  I love it.  It does free me up a bit.

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All Glory to God - I love how children think.  I often catch Kristiana rearranging figurines as though they were alive.  Yesterday, she rearranged this figurine of the Holy Family so that it looks as though they are giving praise to the Icons.

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