Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Confessions

My mommy blogger, friend, Kayleen, has made a call for little confessions on her blog.  Not big confessions needing reconciliation, but ones that can be atoned otherwise.  I have always wanted to do this and have not gotten around to it.  In the same vein, I have always wanted to do a pet peeves blog.

  • For instance, nothing gets my goat more than when someone tries to tell me how I am feeling.  They are usually wrong and it usually is meant to be hurtful.  I have funny eyebrows, okay. They don't always express my mood.

  • My master bathroom has not been cleaned in far too long, and I invite people over in order to force myself to clean the other bathroom and tidy up our living area.  (You thought I invited you over because I wanted to see you. That is only half the truth. I'm a bad lady.)

  • I have to wipe off all the kitchen counters before going to bed at night or I feel crazy, depressed and disheveled in the morning.

  • Often I feed the kids lunch while the youngest is sleeping.  Instead of making her her own lunch when she wakes, she eats the leftovers of the older kids.
  • Sometimes on the weekends, I let my kids watch TV for 5 or more hours.  You do what you have to survive.  Babysitters don't come free and I am already paying for the TV.

  • Recently, I have started more books than I have finished.  I wish my time and mental capacity were greater.

  • My kids hear my stern/mean mommy voice more than I would like during the day.  I wish I was better at talking to them/correcting them like Michelle Duggar in a sweet, soft voice.  Though, I am not sure my kids would be able to hear me over all the ruckus.

  • I feel like my life is so full of just my immediate family, I do not have time to be caring and concerned toward others on a regular basis.  I do care, but do not have time to express it. :-(

  • I am not a very precise sort of person.  I am a "it's good enough" type person.  I only seek to achieve the facade of being perfect, or not so perfect.  I guess I'll never be the best.  I know that's very obtuse, but it applies to almost everything in my life.  It's very hard to be balanced perfectly on all sides.

  • Yes, I think my kids are cuter than yours.  What can I say, I am biased.  I know what's best for them too. ;-)

  • My husband and I have hardly slept in the same bed all month (or really since we went to Washington in December).  A lot of the time he goes and tends to one of the children in the night and he falls asleep in their beds and stays.  He's good like that.   But, I sure do miss him.

I guess that's enough for now.  I could do this once a week every week.


Just thought I would throw in a preggy pic (can't have a blog without a pic).  Not that anyone cares what you look like when you're having your fourth child in six years.  I'm big, k, but still cute.  I think pregnant women are cute.  I took this picture myself by putting the camera on the dresser and setting the timer.

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kayleen said...

You certainly DO look cute. You really do. Thanks for playing along! I hope you and your man can start sleeping in the same bed again soon! As an old married couple, we are far beyond those romantic images you have of couples falling asleep in each other's arms and after a peaceful, perfect night, waking up in the same position. YEAH RIGHT! :) But it is nice to be able to fall asleep together, in some sense, and wake up together too. Life gets in the way an awful lot though. Also, I feel you about serving others outside your immediate family right now. I feel guilty a lot over this actually. Let's just commit ourselves to our families now so that later on we can serve others together as a family, and then when the kids eventually leave the nest, we can serve in different ways. And of course, I know if anything important came along, you would be there in any way you could. :)