Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Confessions, Part 2 - Keepin' It Real

If you walked in my house right now, what would you see?

  • First you would see an Icon corner.  Someone has turned on the stereo underneath our table of religious books, and then flipped up the nice leather ottoman in front of it to hide their devilish deed.

  • Then you would see a piano with a number of family photographs hung on the wall above.

  • A wet dog is fast asleep on the sofa.

  • There are a little bit of toys strewn everywhere: in the living room, all the bedrooms, the bathrooms and a whole lot of toys spread across the playroom/former dining room.

  • A very dirty, beat up sofa sits in that playroom and all the cushions have been pull off for jumping on the springs.  But today, the kids have taken blankets off beds, two kitchen chairs, three cushions off another sofa and built a fort.  It's a rainy day.  This is allowed.  There are two calm and happy kids ages three and five sitting inside the fort eating a snack.

  • Every bed in the house is unmade--including guest beds.  This is understandable since there is a big fort to be built.

  • In the kitchen, a big 28 week pregnant woman is sitting on the floor with a 16 month old baby in her lap, surrounded by laundry baskets and sorting the laundry.  Baby is helping sort.

  • There are dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, clean dishes in the dishwasher, toys on the kitchen table and under the table, an unswept floor.

  • Sitting on the far counter is a computer playing Gregorian chant music and surrounded by a number of papers: some important and some not.

  • In the master bedroom, there is a mess of books--kids books and grown-up books. And a nebulizer machine sits cued up on the bed.

Some days our house is tidy and clean.  Some days it is not.  After a weekend of cuddling and nursing a sick baby, our house definitely is a disaster.  It feels a little overwhelming to think of having to clean it all up again.  At least I had the good sense to set aside the cloth diapers and not use them while baby is sick.  Instead of getting to work on the mess.  I am blogging about it.  God help me--Need grace to clean both heart and home.



priest's wife said...

Fun! When I was little- we would play 'hamsters'- using ALL the blankets and pillows in the house ;)

kayleen said...

Can we come over? :)